Ecoflam Boilers

Floor Standing High Efficiency Steel Boiler Units

Ecoflam with its range of steel boilers bring forward the concept of ready made boiler unit i.e boiler with matching burner (Ecoflam or Elco) already set up and ready for installation.

Ecomax N &
Ecomax 3S

ECOMAX N and ECOMAX 3S (three stars efficiency) range is a reverse flame fire tubes boiler design to ensure high efficiency, safety & durability. Boilers are guarantee by certified materials, components and processing accuracy and have properly balanced thermal loads and anti scale and anti condensate design. The reliability of the Ecomax units is achieved by the perfect matching of the boiler shell and burner chosen at the design stage.

Duomax PN & Duomax P3S

DUOMAX N & 3S and DUOMAX PN & P3S are stacked reverse flame steel boilers complete with matched burners. Units have two fireboxes in vertical or horizontal layout with a single electrical panel that manages efficiently the total output providing high working flexibility to variable heat demand and reliability against single boiler failure.


TRIMAX 3S unit is a three pass boiler with great performance in terms of seasonal efficiency and NOx emissions rated three stars according to the European norm 192 of August 19th 2005. This range is built with double skin exhaust tubes which allow return water temperature down to 35°C without condensing the flue gases.