Solar Hot Water Systems


Solimpeks Solar Energy Corp. produces and sells its own high-quality solar thermal products. Since 1977, for the last thirty nine years, R & D and quality oriented company members accelerated the growth in a short time and carried the competition all over the world in the renewable energy field. Now the company has presences as the world's leading manufacturer of high quality solar energy products in over 77 countries. Solimpeks employs over 300 members in its locations in Turkey, Germany and Spain. Installations cover not only small thermosiphon systems, but also big plants like tourist resorts, and industrial establishments.
The Turkish firm has always been involved in research and development activities exclusively in the solar sector. The firm boasts international third party certification from a multitude of certification agencies including Solar Keymark, TÜV, SRCC, IEC, ISFH, ITW, the SEAI (Sustainable Energy Agency of Ireland), the CE (Conformité Européenne), INTA, the National Renewable Energy Centre, the MCS certificate, Eurofins Scientific, Fraunhofer, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System (EMS), ISO 10002, Quality management, ISO 9001:2008 etc.
The plus of their products is the very high quality reflected in 10 years of free guarantee on collectors, and 5 years on storage tanks.